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Pulau Bawah

Arguably the cream of the paradise islands crop, Pulau Bawah is a small island cluster of 5 barely-there tropical islands that, collectively, surround 3 of the most gin-clear turquoise-colored lagoons that you'll ever likely to see.

This tiny private island paradise that is so formed, due to Mother Nature and Geology mixing it up and coming up with a little gem. This little gem, Pulau Bawah, has to be experienced in person to be believed.

Stunning vistas, superb, almost undiscovered, indeed almost untouched beaches, sea water of the highest clarity, and a natural serenity that is nothing short of world-class; Pulau Bawah has all of this on offer, as well as excellent snorkelling and scuba-diving.

Pulau Bawah is truly a dream come true.

But best of all - and surprisingly - Pulau Bawah is only 150 or so kilometers away from Singapore, practically a stone's throw. A couple of hours by power cruiser. Or, a leisurely overnight's sail by sailing vessel, for the less time-challenged amongst us. Pulau Bawah - your dream come true.

Just one of Pulau Bawah's three beautiful lagoons
Stunning beaches at Pulau BawahPulau Bawah is a true tropical paradise

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